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About Us

Freebee India is a new import company for Indian goods. Everything started with an import container "Blaumänner". From this, a wholesale of men's shirts and cooking clothing has developed. And because we love India with its great culture, we are now selling traditional Indian costumes directly.

Of course, we offer wholesale for stores and resellers. But even individual customers can buy the cheap goods from the direct import in our Ebay shop. On the following pages you can see examples of our goods. Since we regularly receive deliveries, we can procure other products for you. We are always open for suggestions. 
We are looking forward to your questions and feedback. 
Paul Holstein and the team of Freebee India

Fair Trade Stad

For we maintain contact with our suppliers, which we have selected and personally know. It is important to work and to prevail   .
We prefer small craft businesses run by the owner and their families. These craftsmen are proud of their products, which are carefully manufactured in individual work. So our customers receive genuine unique items, and no cheap industrial commodities. Due to the manual work each product is slightly different. This is not a mistake, but a quality feature.
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Wholesale inquiries are answered personally  by us.


Tel: 040-3805719