@ Herzberg Festival 2019




From many small workshops we offer a large selection of bags. Handbags, clutches, hanging bags, carrying bags or backpacks.With fringes, sequins, brocade, embroidery or bathik / batik. With us you want to find everything your heart desires.








Alladin Pants

Through our direct import from India we can offer you great aladdin pants at reasonable prices. The pants are ideal for sports and yoga in solid colors. These versions are made of durable blended fabric. The oriental Indian patterned bloomers made of 100% cotton are made by hand at small tailor shops in India.

Leather Sandals

For years we have been making sandals based on historical models. Our partners in India are small craft businesses.

Each pair is individually made by a shoemaker. Slight deviations from the pictures are therefore a testimony that it is not cheap industrial goods from China!

The sandals are worn on LARP or medieval markets or reenactment. So to hippie goa and trance style, the sandals fit great.





 Ram Nam Towels

We import these beautiful Ram Nam cloths directly from India. The Indian sages, gurus, saints and Bramanan / Brahmins traditionally covered their bodies in worship of the Indian gods. The name refers to the incarnation of Vishnu as Ram or Rama. This is the highest god in Hindu religion and is used with utmost           honor and respect. Today, these cloths have become fashionable accessories, which are available in various colors in our ebay shop:  







The patterns of our Kurthas and Kurthi shirts are individually designed by the master tailors of our Indian partner companies. That's why each piece is unique.

We offer two versions:

1. Light Kurtha cotton shirts for buttoning

2. heavy cotton hoodies with zip

These hoodies are stable and warm and iconic for hip hop, goa and trance festivals.